Saturday, July 08, 2006

perv.monkey (12.05-04.06)


this variation on perv presented itself when my friend Tiffany sought out a balloon animal for us as a party gift. the vendor touted her skills ('best in the world') and made a simple inquiry ('is it for a kid or adult party?'). when tiffany replied ('adult?'), the vendor had a suggestion ('perfect, you want the monkey. i can do another animal but the monkey is best'). Tiffany played along, unsure what she was getting or how we'd respond. the vendor teased ('i'm making you a biiiig monkey'). at some point, a kid, dragging parents, appeared and also wanted a balloon monkey; and a kid's parents, seeing perv.monkey, directed kid away. this set documents perv.monkey's pride and subsequent deflation over the next four months.

set/slideshow (22 photos)

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