Saturday, March 15, 2008

sky (2000-2003)

sky suite (ode to Rigo 23), 2002-2003
sky suite (ode to Rigo 23), 2002-2003

part of a larger study documenting, over the course of four years, the destruction of Rigo23’s sky mural by the construction of very tall buildings in san francisco's soma district.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

no (2002-2004)

no (1)
a flipbook of 24 polaroids. i was seeing "no" a lot in those years.

slideshow/set (24 photos)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i learn only to be contented
(i learn only to be contented, 2007, 24x36" digital print, edition of 5)

this year's annual juried show at southern exposure & intersection for the arts called for art responding to: "grounded?"

Kristan Kennedy from pica curated me into this year's show, along with Tamara Albaitis,Verda Alexander,G. Cole Allee,Erin Allen,Brian Andrews,Seth Armstrong,Amy Auerbach,Christopher Baird,Mark Baugh-Sasaki,Bert Bergen,Nicholas Bohac,Deric Carner, Matt Cella,Christopher Culver,Shayla Dopp,Claire Droney,Rebecca Ebeling,Christian Ebert,Catherine Haley Epstein,Adam Friedman,Jeffrey Glossip,Ariel Goldberg,Robert Jackson Harrington, Carrie Hott,Arthur Huang,Cynthia Ona Innis,Robin Johnston,Melissa Kaseman,Matt Kennedy,Scott Kiernan,Justin James King,Chris Koehler,Amy Fung-yi Lee,Brendan Leonard,Frederick Loomis,Martin Machado,Liz Maher,Laura Mappin,Christina Mazza, John Patrick McKenzie,Jessica Miller,Tom Mueske,Daniel Nevers,Sean Olson,Rebecca Parks-Ramage,Erik Parra,Hilary Pecis,Moshe Quinn,Airyka Rockefeller,Brion Nuda Rosch,Yoram Savion,Mark Scheeff,Zachary Royer Scholz,Corinne Schulze,Meg Shoemaker,Peter Stampfer,Owen Takabayashi,Aaron Terry,Kathleen Thompson,Kristen Van Patten,Jerad Walker,Adam Wier,&Celeste Zolezzi.

the show ran from november 9 through december 15, 2007.

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